About CI Group

CI Group is a fast growing family of specialist marketing communications agencies that collectively comprises the exceptional expertise, strategic, creative and executional talent necessary to create powerful brands and to market and promote them whether in B2B, B2C and B2E.

The CI Group ethos is encapsulated in our philosophy of ‘Changing Behaviours‘.

Every client brief, at its core, invariably involves leading, encouraging or motivating behavioural change and behind each of our different skills lies this single purpose.

We orchestrate these specialist skills to ensure we deliver outstanding campaigns and also have the agility to partner with other enterprises and specialist businesses wherever it improves the effectiveness of our solutions.

This includes analogue/ digital media, film and video, global partnerships to enable cross border activities and neuroscience based decision making expertise that dramatically increases the effectiveness of campaigns.

Collectively they span all the skills necessary to create multi-disciplinary Integrated campaigns.

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