Martin Glenn and Changing Behaviours Dinner
With CI Group

Our last event took place at the Ivy in October last year and was a fantastic success. We welcomed Martin Glen as our speaker – the current CEO of the FA who has previously been CEO of companies such as Pepisco and United Biscuits.

Key Takeaways

These were key things that over the years, and through his many and varied roles, Martin found to help to successfully Change Behaviours:

1. FOCUS - Ensure your message is focused; not everyone will be as interested as you are in your new product. The more focused your message the higher the levels of engagement

2. BETTER NOT DIFFERENT - Become obsessed with doing things better rather than being different. It’s easier to get people to make something they are familiar with better than get behind something that’s brand new

3. CULTURE BEATS STRATEGY – The spirit of the organisation to achieve is usually more important than the actual brilliance of the idea

To learn more insights of the straight-talking, level-headed approach Martin takes to Changing Behaviours, watch this short video below, summarising the evening.

“I found the evening interesting & stimulating and clearly recall the Dove skin care / hair care example of how psychology plays a massive part of consumer choice, and therefore advertiser’s approach. The food and company were very complimentary to the ambiance and I'm looking forward to the event at the Ivy.”

Peter Cooper
Head of Retail Sales at
Camelot Lotteries Ltd, Camelot

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